First Big Step to Overcoming My Fear

May 2, 2010 at 3:48 pm 1 comment

When I first signed up for speech class I kept thinking to myself why did I choose to take this class? I mean I’m not an outspoken person, far from. Before the first class I thought so many times I’ll just go and drop it and take a different class; but I didn’t. I decided to go to my first day of class and I’m really glad I did. I could tell as I walked through the door that day that I wasn’t the only one terrified for my life. I could feel the tension in the room. Candee (our instructor) really made me feel good about the class and I was really excited to come back. But then the first speech came up.

Oh my… What was I gonna do. I hate getting in front of people.  I’m always the shy girl that keeps to herself. So many things ran through my head as I tried to figure out something to read. What am I going to read? Should I pick something I like or should I pick something that others will enjoy? How am I even going to be able to get up and speak to people I don’t know? Well the day came and I chose to read something I’m very passionate about. I decided to read a poem an elderly lady had written while staying in a nursing home and the care she had received.

I watched as my classmates took the stage and did a great job. With every person that got up and read my nerves went crazy. I felt as if I was going to pass out as I walked to the front of the to deliver my reading. As I looked around the class everyone was staring at me, this just made me more nervous. I took a deep breath and started my reading. It came easier than I thought and as I looked around I could tell people were into it. I’m really glad that everyone enjoyed it. I was also really pleased to get the feedback from Candee, she made me feel really good about the whole thing.

This was truly one of the scariest things I have done but I’m glad I stuck it out and tried. I’m looking forward to the next speeches to come in class, this doesn’t mean I won’t be scared but I am excited about it!!

To read the poem I read for my speech an “Old Lady’s Poem” go to Nurses are Angels.



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Next speech coming soon 2nd speech down and getting comfortable

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