power and control

October 12, 2010 at 10:00 pm Leave a comment

I was thinking about what made a good public speaker.  I took a look at the presidents.  They have a great influence over the listeners.  Most would agree because of their position they hold.  Yes I would agree also.  I thought, is it because they are good at their job?  Was it their experience in that line of work?  Then I said no I doubt it.  Most Americans hate or dislike the past and present presidents.  Then why do they hold a powerful position in office?  Public speaking was the answer.  They knew how to gain control of the listener’s attention.  Public speaking was the gain for their success.  Hitler for example, wasn’t fit for his job.  But how did an evil man gain control of an entire country?  Was it his army?  Of course it wasn’t his army; not at the first anyways.  It was his public speaking.  He could influence his listener and gain control of their attention.  I stopped to reread what I have already typed for this blog and realized that I have repeated myself.  Gain control of the listener’s attention.  That was the important point to note.  How do I gain control of the listener’s attention?  Small details aside, such as, how I dress, how my hair looks, and such. I was more concerned with how to get the listener’s attention without over thinking the presentation.  In my opinion the answer was how I introduced the topic of discussion.  For example, if I was talking about hair products to a group of men my main issues would be how to get them to listen.  The answer to that situation would be to make hair products seem important to men.  Now that hypothetical situation was too general.  Too much information was left out to make an effective strategy to gain their attention but the point was to make the subject at hand important to the listener.  When you can effectively make the subject important to the listener you have now gained control and power over the listener.




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