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November 24, 2010 at 3:01 pm Leave a comment

Class comfort and the level of respect is something that has continued to strike me throughout this quarter. I have noticed that at least within the parameters of this class there is an extremely high amount of respect and consideration of each other’s thoughts, beliefs, opinions, and etcetera. This is kind of surprising to me considering the different age groups, backgrounds, and belief systems that exist between this fairly diverse group of individuals.

I contribute that to the class requirement of knowing each individual by name within the class. They are not some nameless, faceless individual that you don’t know, aren’t familiar with and really don’t care about, they are your neighbor, your friend, they are a real live person with feelings. I don’t believe that this same level of respect exists within other contexts where the people are unfamiliar with each other.

There is a class that I have later within the day that allows for group discussion, and I have found people to be very disrespectful in there of ideas that are different from their own. You can only be right if you think just like them. I truly enjoy hearing another person’s thoughts and ideas. That is the only way to open your eyes to other possibilities or view points. I really wish we would have started off in a similar fashion. I think if we had put a similar effort into knowing each other as people the atmosphere would be different. Perhaps instead of bickering we would be having eye-opening informative discussions. You might not be able to persuade someone to see things just as you do but perhaps you could get them to see how you came to view things as you do, and vice versa.

Thank you for putting an emphasis on getting to know our fellow students!!




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