Last Day! :(

November 29, 2010 at 3:02 pm 1 comment

Well we have arrived at the final day of class… The persuasive speeches today we’re all very impassioned arguments. I liked the confidence all the speakers exhibited. It was obvious that they all really cared about the topics they spoke on. The personal stories were great and everyone had facts and statistics to back up there arguments.

I really liked that Tim admitted that he had to change his perspective on gaming after reading the evidence contrary to his beliefs. Too often people just find or skew evidence to fit what they want to convey but instead he was willing to change his point of view, which  means he was open to other ideas. That’s great you have to be open to other possibilities if you are going to learn and expand your knowledge base.

Sherri, you convinced me sounds like you have a great business plan. You should write that up into a business model. Perhaps you could get a SBA grant or loan to really get your business off to a running start. Also, you might try a soil mixture. The gentleman that helped me start my greenhouse had went to Ohio University and obtained a Bachelor’s in Horticulture… He gave me a dirt mixture to really help plants thrive and take root quickly without the expense of a product like miracle grow soil. But it sounds like you are doing fantastic and I wish you the very best.

I couldn’t agree more with you on the smoking. I used to be a smoker. I started very young, as a pre-teen, probably because my parents (& everyone really) smoked around me. I smoked until my early 20’s. I quit thankfully (thru hypnosis – Tim). It doesn’t work for everybody but it helped me. You really have to make up your mind that you want to quit mostly. And I really did. I didn’t want my little sister to smoke so I wanted her to have at least one adult around to look up to that didn’t smoke. I hoped that would make the difference. She is 18 now and thinks that smoking is nasty. I wondered for along time if the day would come that I didn’t crave a smoke and after a few years it did. I hate smoking now. I think it stinks, I can smell smokers from several feet away and there isn’t any smoking in my home. I am so glad that I made this change and I hope that others can be persuaded to become non-smokers too. It’s better for you and everyone around you. Just think every cigarette you have shortens your life by 5 minutes. I know most of us have lost someone we cared deeply about, what would you have gave to get 5 more minute with them? Would you of gave up smoking?

The speech on abortion was great. It is always difficult to take on such a controversial topic. But you did so very respectfully. I think that even those who are against abortion consider it when an unexpected pregnancy happens. Even if very briefly the fact that it’s legal and readily available without any real counseling necessary or the long-term health consequences discussed can make it seem like it is the easier option. However, I think long-term most of us realize that it is much more difficult. Odd that it’s legal to have an abortion yet if someone else destroys the fetus we consider it murder isn’t it?

The speech on spanking wasn’t quite as clear-cut. I think we all struggle with this topic today. There is a clear difference between the way we were raised and what the cultural norm is today. I think everyone can agree you shouldn’t discipline out of anger or while you are still very angry. Good rule is to take 10 deep breaths. But you don’t want to wait so long as for the child to forget what they are getting in trouble for. My mother would always discuss with me what I was doing wrong and it was only if I really persisted that I got a whoopin. Usually I acted up in public and all it really took was for her to say do you want me to take you to the bathroom? Lol.

Then we covered airport scanners. Not sure what to think about these. I want us to be safe but it seems like we are always three steps behind the terrorists. This would have been great with the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber, but it seems that they have moved on to putting bombs in freight now, shouldn’t we be working on that instead? And as Doug stated we aren’t scanning people outside of America where most of the terrorists are coming from. Finally, why aren’t we profiling? I don’t necessarily mean by race. There are plenty of Muslims who aren’t terrorist and there seems to be more and more Americans joining their cause but there does seem to be some things all of these bombers have had in common. All of them paid in cash, they didn’t have any luggage, they only purchased a one way ticket, along with several other commonalities. Maybe if you have a set number of these characteristics they should question you before you are allowed to get on the plane.

Anyway I really enjoyed everyone’s persuasive speeches. This has been a great class. I’ve learned many new things, and got to see things from other perspectives. Thanks everyone for opening up and sharing your thoughts, ideas and viewpoints. Good Luck on your finals!




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Nervous at the Start My Last Speech

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  • 1. cnryoung  |  November 30, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Thanks Jodell I am so glad that you stopped smoking to be a roll model for your sister. What a great sister you are. I hate that people smoke around their children and i hope that i made some people stop and think about their childs health next time they light up. will good luck to you and thinks again.


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