Can We Find Dignity in Ourselves?

January 19, 2011 at 11:57 am 1 comment

When I read and look over chapter two I found myself realizing that no matter how far we look we can find hatred, lust, greed, ect..We always have to look deep down inside ourselves too find the one thing we believe in. I believe if we could grasp that one  thing we believe in we could find so much more. What is that one  thing people ask for? Well it is dignity! For example in chapter two  they talked about being honest in what you say as a public speaker is important. To be dishonest with people is just as unethical as murder. If it was murder you could be covering up a story to the public that needs to be told for the safety of the people. As a public speaker it is our job to tell the whole story and have the evidence to back it up, not to be dishonest to further our future.

To be a good public speaker we need to look deep inside ourselves not to degrade other ethnicities, sexual orientation, male, female,or religious groups ext. As a public speaker we need to show personal dignity by not degrading them just because we don’t agree with their way of life. Showing more love and compassion with no hatred, lust or greed  will cause us to look deeper inside ourselves and will bring out our dignity as a better public speaker. As a public speaker it is important to remember the principles in which we were taught. For example when it comes to ethnic principles it is good to remember that plagiarism shows no dignity inside of us. Another way to show dignity as a great public speaker is to never judge another speaker by his looks, lifestyle or his speech. Understanding the other speakers message, that shows a great deal of dignity in you. Dignity can be found in everyone not just in public speakers you just have to look deep enough.



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  • 1. Andy  |  March 30, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    Agreed completely. Your words are only as good as your actions. When speaking you must believe in yourself and live by what you say. We see far to many people who speak what their audience wants to hear, only to lose those standards when it is time to make good. If you audience does not believe in you, then you probably don’t have an audience.


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