Speech #1.. done, but okay? About reading speeches

January 23, 2011 at 9:05 pm Leave a comment

So last Wednesday I got to give my first speech in our public speaking class.  Thank goodness it was a reading, because I always feel most comfortable with notes in front of me (even though I never seem to use them).  I think Professor Basford even said we were going to practice giving speeches extemporaneously, so I will have notes anyway.  I’m not entirely sure of the delivery of my speech though.  I mean, I believe I mentioned in my last post about being involved in acting a lot and the comparison between the two, but it always seems harder when you are getting a grade for it for some reason.  I was not surprised that I was not really even nervous.  I think I was more nervous about it even making sense to the audience than the idea of speaking in front of mostly my classmates, all of whom I know well by now.  For any who do not know I chose to read a monologue from the Two Towers movie by Samwise Gamgee at the climax of the film (and conveniently stuck the print out in the book for effect).  However it was too short for the time allotted so I had to give an intro and conclusion about what I felt the message of the monologue meant.  To my surprise it fell together better than I expected, however I also thank my peer mentors for the suggestions for future speeches because there was a lot I could have done to make it better.

I have to say though, I enjoyed the Reading Speech.  This is the closest form of speech to theatre that I have  learned of so far, because it is easy for the reader to get into the story or work.  I think I really found my element.  I have seen readers who read for hobby and professionally. One of these is known as “reader’s theatre” where the whole story is portrayed in the reading.  A lot of you may also be familiar with the art of storytelling.  This is not only a form of reading but also a way to maintain culture.  So whether we realize it or not, in learning how to give a reading, we are learning how to play a part in what makes our culture by the tradition of sharing it.  I look to this section of the quarter as not only skills development but cultural development as well…

Carrie Chalker


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Reading To Fit My Personality Giving My First Speech

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