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January 25, 2011 at 7:21 pm 1 comment

I gave my first speech on Monday, and surprisingly I was not nervous hardly at all.  All of the reading that we were expected to do before we gave a presentation really helped me when delivering my book to the class.  The last reading assignment seemed to be the most helpful to me.  It really got into how to actually give a speech, and what you should do and not do.  The most important thing throughout these chapters was oral communication.  It taught skills for presenting, such as facial expression and hand gestures.  Most people already have these forms of communication skills, but it is sometimes difficult for people to change the expressions from a conversation to a speech.  However, thinking of the speech as a conversation is the easiest way to prepare yourself for it.

Things in chapter twelve taught me how to make my speech interesting to listen too, not dry and boring.  You want to engage your audience in your reading, not make them fall asleep.  Changing the volume of your voice as well as the pitch really is affective.  If you get into your speech most likely your audience will to.  In the book I read to the class, Junie B., I tried to read it the way that she seemed to say things, getting into the story and adding humor seemed effective in engaging my class.

One of the other things that was pointed out in chapter twelve was how to dress appropriately for their speech.  This shows that you are serious about what you are talking about.  I really feel that this is important. If you want a job you do not go to an interview dressed like you just rolled out of bed, the company will not take you seriously.  Same goes for your speech, if you want to get the point across you need to help it along, not hinder it.  Over all, the tips that I have learned and some what applied to my reading speech, will be essential to the remainder of the speeches I give as well as other presentations I will be called to give throughout life.



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Pace Yourself My First Speech

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  • 1. ally  |  February 14, 2011 at 1:21 am

    you did great on your reading! this was a long time ago, but i just now read this. haha. your book was really funny and i enjoyed it. so are you ready for your informative speech? i think i am.


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