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This is what I made for my visual reflection. It is called an origami fortune teller, which I’m sure a lot of you used when you were kids. I made one of these because my last speech gave a little bit of information on the history of origami so I thought it would be cool to make one of these.

What I did was write numbers on the outside of the fortune teller, and on the inside flaps I wrote what I have learned during this class, and then under those flaps it tells you exactly how I have improved at each of the four things I wrote on the inside flaps. For example, say you choose the number 3. You open the fortune teller from side to side 3 times, and then you see 2 phrases that tell you what I have learned and what I have improved on throughout the class. You chose one of those two phrases, and say you choose “Becoming a good listener.” You then open that flap and it tells you exactly what this class has done for me in that subject. Under the “Becoming a good listener” flap, it says, “I didn’t think that this speech class would make me a better listener, but it really has, And becoming a better listener has, I believe, made me a better speaker, Listening closely to other speeches had helped me with what I should and shouldn’t do in my speeches.”

That is how my fortune teller works, so if anyone you know is ever debating on whether they should take this class or not, I’ll let them see this fortune teller so they will realize how much you actually learn in this class.



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