The Big Show

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For as long as I can remember I’ve been a timid, quiet girl. Never saying much, and keeping to myself most of the time. Public speaking has always been frightening for me, even if it was just speaking in front of my small class in elementary school, junior high or high school. The knotted stomach, sweaty hands and racing heart would always set in! I would always think “I’d rather be somewhere else, doing anything else but this!”

This year, I’m a senior at Eastern Brown High School. December 10, 2010 was the date of our annual Homecoming Ceremony that we hold– and it’s a pretty big deal! Hundreds of people come to see who’s crowned King and Queen, our gym is absolutely packed and decorated to the max! I decided to step outside of my shell this year and audition for one of the MC spots along with a close friend of mine. We both got the parts, which meant on that particular Friday night, we would be hosting the big show! Some of our friends and family didn’t believe that we would do it, because it wasn’t like us to be in front of people and talk (let alone, host the show)! But, we did.

The nerves of course kicked in right before going out to the center of the floor… but they soon disappeared. That night was one of the most exciting nights I’ve ever had and I wish I could put it on repeat. I will say, the lights were completely off and there was a huge spotlight on us, so maybe that had something to do with how easily it came to me. I could still see outlines of people in the crowd but it didn’t seem to matter. My family was so proud of me, and I was proud of myself! The Homecoming Ceremony for 2010 was one of the biggest things I’ve ever been apart of.

The past two classes we’ve been in groups and have spoken/presented to the class, and each time it gets easier and easier. I hope it continues until I feel at complete ease in front of everyone! (The way things are going now, I can see it happening)




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