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Fundamentals of Effective Speech:   I like the atmosphere of cooperative learning that has been created for this class.   During the first three classes we have divided into subgroups to discuss topics pertaining to the different aspects of speaking followed by brief impromptu presentations.  For me, this is laying the foundation of support and acceptance for when we will give our individual speeches.  Instead of standing before a room full of strangers, we will be standing before our acquaintances with whom we’ve become familiar and experienced support toward each other during previous sessions.

I am learning that we not only have the responsibility as speakers to be well prepared and offer our best to our audience but  that we also have the important responsibility to be active listeners while someone is delivering a speech.  I  am looking forward to hearing what my classmates have to share.

The mechanics of effective delivery discussed in chapter 12 of our text seem a little overwhelming to me and will be quite the challenge to execute well.  I think if I keep my focus on sharing and relating to the listeners as I speak, it will help me to have eye contact.  I hope the gestures, facial expressions, voice inflections, and  movement will come more easily with time.  The first hurdle for me will be to breathe throughout.  During the last quarter, I had to give a presentation in another class.  I prepared the Powerpoint, rehearsed the material, and prepared for a question-and-answer session.  I started my presentation and quickly realized I forgot to breathe.  I ran out of air and couldn’t finish my first sentence.  Something so simple, yet so important–breathing.

Maybe my first delivery cue should be “breathe” written in bold letters across the top of my notes.




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