Insights and Learning: Public Speaking

April 12, 2011 at 6:57 pm Leave a comment

By reading the text, I have gained helpful tips about public speaking, including: using index cards instead of reading off material, connecting with the audience, understanding the audience as individuals rather than a blur of people who don’t care what you have to say and so on.  I already know more about public speaking then I did a week ago just by listening during class and looking through the text.  It is interesting to me that several celebrities have the same hardships with public speaking as I do.

I consider myself a decent listener and I try my best to think critically about what a speaker is presenting.  Communicating with my classmates and asking questions has informed me more about public speaking then I ever thought it would.  I believe that watching others perform their speeches will teach me the most.  Like most people, I consider speech inevitable when it comes to the real world and what most jobs call for.  You have to be able to speak clearly to others in order to get your point across.  People will never understand other people if they don’t practice giving speeches.  That is why I am excited for this semester and my speech class.

The only ‘experienced’ insight I have on public speaking is the fact that I have been assigned many presentations and projects in previous courses I have taken at Southern State, and at my high school.  In doing so, I have stuttered, talked too fast, spoke too quietly, rushed through things and almost passed out from complete nervousness.  Even though I advise most students not to do those things, they taught me a lot about how to present myself to an audience the right way.  I’m also not afraid to talk in front of people anymore.  I have never been terrified of public speaking, but having experience really does help.



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