understanding communication between people

June 5, 2011 at 4:20 pm 2 comments

I have been around many people in my life, some people who were very educated and some not so much. Communication plays a big role in human society it is the foundation of our way of life. Some people have certain difficulty communicating with people, but in the situation that communication is needed, understanding how to communicate in a perfect manner is necessary on a regular basis. I work for a huge retail company that requires perfect communication and interaction with people on a regular basis. The reason I’m writing about this subject is to give my experiences to other people. I have a manager who’s communication skills are so poor that I don’t think she even understands her own words. When communicating with someone you need to show understanding, show respect, and for a manager, give your orders in an understanding and educated form. This manager I work for seems respectful enough but when she tries to explain something she pretends that you know exactly what she is talking about. Then when you mess something up or do something wrong, she speaks to you like you’re dumb. She tried giving a speech at work about harassment in the workplace and she totally did it the wrong way. I thought she should be in the speech class I’m in. But she doesn’t understand how to communicate with someone to the extent that when she’s finished, he or she doesn’t stand a chance of comprehending what she said. That’s why when we communicate with some one on any given issue we need to help the person understand and be direct but not too direct. For this manager’s situation she should ask if you understand or ask if you can do the job that she gives and be informal. I find that sometimes we may not communicate in the right way. That’s why I try to practice how I will talk to people on certain things  and show understanding.



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  • 1. Pamela B.  |  June 5, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    Well said. I believe the skill of clear and respectful communication learned in this speech class prove to be useful in all areas of our futures.

    Pamela B.

  • 2. Andy  |  June 7, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    Communication is what makes or breaks us as a society. Lack of communication on one persons part can make a bad situation worse for all who are involved. I have had bosses with bad communication. One was even to the point that I had to call him out on it. Surprisingly our communication did a 180 and we had few issues moving forward. Words are the most powerful thing we possess. We can use them to improve our lives or destroy them.


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