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What it is?

This post I’m doing is about my visual-aid. I am sorry but I don’t know how to put picture on this or I would. Anyway my visual aid is to be honest just plain weird, but I wanted something that showed how I see things. In this weird visual aid, depending on how you look at it, it can be three different things.

The first thing it could be is a heart. The heart represents the connection that needs to be made with the audience. The connection that is made in this way has to be something deep down. Something that strikes a chord in their hearts. To make them feel something powerful.

The second thing that you see is an eye. The eye represents eye contact that you can use to connect with your audience. This is a very good technique. This technique is used to make your speech personal. when you look someone in the eye then they feel like you’re talking directly to them. This is very good because then the listener will usually be able to hear you claim or your story or your speech better.

The third and final thing is a smile. The smile represents, in my personal opinion is the best technique you can use and it is exactly like it sounds like. The smile literally represents the smiles. Getting your audience to smile is one of the best  ways to communicate with them it drops their guard and lets you share your idea very easily. That and it make the speech more pleasurable for you and your audience.

This is why I decided to use this kind of visual aid. It is creative, it is different, it is helpful, and more importantly it’s mine.




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Take Some Water If Needed

First off I want to say sorry I’m late Candee. Good news is I have the paper now so I’m getting back on track.

On a completely different note I have completed my first speech. Like most people I was excited to get the first speech over with. Unlike most people I wasn’t too nervous. My mom is a music teacher/singer and my dad is a politician so they have always done everything they can to introduce me to the spotlight. In other words speech class isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve sung in my church, had leads in plays, sang the national anthem at my school, and even gave a mini sermon to my church.

All these things have led me to give everyone some hope. It DOES get easier. I am nowhere near perfect, but I can say with confidence that it does get a whole heck of a lot easier. Now its going to take a lot longer than I’ve been doing it to be 100% comfortable with speaking, if that’s even possible. One thing that still bothers me to this day is my throat. I will be fine and calm untill right before I’m about to go up then my throat will get very dry.

For those of you that are like me, it is ok to take a water bottle up with you. If I could have found enough change for a water bottle then I would’ve had one on my first speech. Even if you don’t think you will need it go ahead and take it anyway. Trust me when I tell you that it is better to have it and not use it than to not have it and need it. That is my big helpful advice for the class so far.


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Most Important for Great Public Speaking

I have seen a lot of different speakers in my life. I’ve seen speeches from big politicians all the way to small speeches from the final night of a high school play. They’ve taught me a lot but I want to focus on thee.

The first one is a chef whose name is Andre. I was only about 5 or 6 when I heard him, but I remember his name because he got the entire audience involved. Every time he lifted his right hand he told us to say oooo. Every time he lifted his left hand he had us say awww. And when he put both his hands up he had us yell out his name, Andre. Even to this day I can still hear the crowed roar.

Next I want to talk about is my best friend Austin’s speech. It was the last night of the play we were doing and everyone was nervous. So he jumped up on a table in the middle of the room and started to speak. He started to talk about how much fun and good times he had doing this play and how he has so many more good friends now. By the and of his speech everyone was hugging, crying, and feeling better. The reason that his speech worked so well is because we could all relate to what he was saying because we all got closer to each other during this time.

The final person I want to talk about is my dad. He had to speak at a Memorial Day Service one year for are whole town. His speech went off without a hitch. Being my dad I got a behind the scenes look at the whole thing. What I remember more than anything is how much he practice and reread his speech.

I learned from Andre, Austin and my dad that these are some of the most important things about speech.

1. Get the crowed involved and excited.

2. Connect with the crowd and let them connect with you.

3. Practice practice practice.


Casey Baldridge

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