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I’ve been putting off writing my final blog. That’s because I don’t believe any string of words can describe the way this class has changed my outlook about learning or life.

They say that you change after you go to college- that not only applies to getting away from family (what most people apply the “change” to- a sense of independence), but also to the aspect of the knowledge you learn throughout your college years. As a society we seem to underrate the importance of a good education- which sadly, is a terrible thing.  With an education not only can you gain a “good” career, but you can change your outlook on life. That’s why so many colleges stress to students to become well rounded. An education allows students to be able to face the world around them and gain the knowledge they need in order to achieve the impossible. And yes, an education does not just mean high school/college or is just applied to “books”.  Sometimes that knowledge is called wisdom and it is something that we can pass along to each other.  I have learned that lesson in this class.

This has been the one class in which I feel truly comfortable, felt as if I “knew” my classmates, and learned from them.

So thank you Ms. Basford, you are the unconventional teacher in which we were blessed to have guide us through our journey in speech class. I hope you find the happiness you dream of finding outside the classroom- you deserve every bit of it!



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Be Good To Yourself – Be Your Own Best Friend

* Patty Foote wrote the following essay in preparation for her ‘Persuasive’ Speech delivered to the class (115 so1) at Southern State Community College in June 2011.

I knew from the beginning of the quarter what I would want my persuasive speech to be, and now that I have gotten to know everyone somewhat and got a glimpse into your lives, I know this is the perfect choice for this audience – YOU!


As I have listened to all of you the past two months, I have no other message that I think is more important.  I have done a good deal of reflection since going back to school.  When I listened to your own stories and reflections, I can identify and connect with many of you.  Trust me, I have many more years of life experience than all of you and I have spent years of what you might call just surviving because I did not know my value, or I let someone else define it.  I am far from that road I was on and still traveling away from it.

I will discuss these points; I like to call them valuable thought lessons.

Thought lesson 1 – You are Important

Thought lesson 2 – You Deserve the Best in your Life

Thought lesson 3 – Learn from your Past

Thought lesson 4 – Be Good to Yourself, Be Your Own Best Friend

You are Important

There is only one you on this planet, Earth.  You have talents, gifts and ideas that no one else has or can offer to this world.  You are unique and no one can take your place.  Don’t let anyone in your present, your past or your future dictate who you are and where you are going.  The people that surround you will be better off because you are in their life.  You are Important. Remember that!

You Deserve the Best in your Life

The Best contains all your goals, your dreams and any star that you dare to reach out and grasp.  Don’t settle for less than what you wish for.  Write your goals and your dreams down and go after them.  If you don’t know what your goals are right now and are finding your way, that’s okay.  Just wait on it – it will come.  It’s okay to be uncertain.  Live everyday being confident in whom you are.  Just live everyday the best you can.

If you find a time in your life when you are discouraged and fear you may not reach your dreams, or think you don’t deserve them, stop!  Take captive that thought, grab it and throw it in the trash bin and remember these words – YOU DESERVE THE BEST AND YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!  YOU CAN MAKE IT AND YOU HAVE IT IN YOU TO DO SO!

Learn from Your Past, but leave it behind

Many of you have shared painful, but moving stories of your life and your life experiences, and you are well on your way with life lessons learned.  We make choices in life and sometimes those choices affect the people around us. If you have been affected by someone else’s choice, learn from it and go on.  Use your past to push yourself forward.  If there are those in your life whose good choices have influenced you also, in a positive way, cling to the ones you know in your heart are right for you and use them to build strength of character.  Someone’s bad choice can be just as positive as a good choice, if we learn from it.  Use your past to take advantage of your present and your future.  You are not bound to your past – today is a new day and yesterday is over.  Believe it!

Be Good to Yourself – Be Your Own Best Friend

What is the definition of a best friend to you?  Someone in your life you admire and spend time with.  We have fun and share special moments with our best friend.  We might share secrets and thoughts with our best friend that we don’t share with others.  A true best friend is someone we can trust and depend on to help us in our life’s journey.  Someone who is always there no matter what we’ve done – they don’t condemn and judge, they are there to help and encourage us.  A best friend takes high priority in our life, even though they would probably not ask for it.  Most of us would drop what we are doing to go help a best friend in need.  We put extra thought into picking that special birthday gift because we want to make them happy.  We love our best friend.  Our best friend knows us like nobody else does.  They have our best interest and happiness at heart.  You may be a best friend to someone or have a best friend like the one I just described.

But, today I would to encourage and persuade you to be your own best friend.

Be good to yourself – treat yourself with respect and honor – don’t judge or condemn yourself –

Take note of the good qualities in your character  – take pride in your accomplishments and celebrate them – treat yourself to a special event, maybe a special dinner or whatever you like – pick out  a special gift for your own birthday – let your differences be an asset to you, after all there is only one you, you are unique, you don’t have to be like everyone else –

If you make a mistake, learn from it and go on – be kind to yourself – be happy with yourself –

And finally, relax and know that your life counts in this world and so do you and tell yourself that!

To bring this all to a closing, I would like to recap briefly and please remember and tell yourself often:

You are Important

You Deserve the Best in your Life and you deserve to be happy

Learn from your past and put it behind you

Be good to yourself and be your own best friend

Patty Foote

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Confidence on a T

Alex Wigginton's visual reflection


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Fortune Teller

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is what I made for my visual reflection. It is called an origami fortune teller, which I’m sure a lot of you used when you were kids. I made one of these because my last speech gave a little bit of information on the history of origami so I thought it would be cool to make one of these.

What I did was write numbers on the outside of the fortune teller, and on the inside flaps I wrote what I have learned during this class, and then under those flaps it tells you exactly how I have improved at each of the four things I wrote on the inside flaps. For example, say you choose the number 3. You open the fortune teller from side to side 3 times, and then you see 2 phrases that tell you what I have learned and what I have improved on throughout the class. You chose one of those two phrases, and say you choose “Becoming a good listener.” You then open that flap and it tells you exactly what this class has done for me in that subject. Under the “Becoming a good listener” flap, it says, “I didn’t think that this speech class would make me a better listener, but it really has, And becoming a better listener has, I believe, made me a better speaker, Listening closely to other speeches had helped me with what I should and shouldn’t do in my speeches.”

That is how my fortune teller works, so if anyone you know is ever debating on whether they should take this class or not, I’ll let them see this fortune teller so they will realize how much you actually learn in this class.


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Reminder….! Bring Prepared Note Cards

Remember to bring your prepared note cards for your informative speech on Monday, Feb 7! This applies to students in my 8:30 am class and my 12:30 pm class.

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Snow Day Assignment – 8:30 Class

Snow day Assignment for Feb 2, 2011 (8:30 class only)

Still trying to come up with a topic for your informative speech? You might try wordle. Type in your ideas for topics. Repeat those topics you like most.

Each time you click “randomize” the shape, color and placement of the words change, giving you different “view” and perhaps clarifying your topic. Here’s my topic wordle. Send me your wordle or the url address and I’ll post it here on our blog.


I like this video about storytelling by Nancy Duarte. She’s the author of “Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences”

Including Stories in Communication


Speaking of courage and creativity, I encourage you to watch Ken Robinson’s presentation.  He is a fabulous presenter. And, his message reminds us that our reluctance  (and fear) of speaking might be a result of our education.   Can we recover our creativity and willingness to ‘give it a go?’


I’ll see you on Monday, Feb 7.  Bring the notecards for your informative speech.

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