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Last Post & Final Class

I’ve been putting off writing my final blog. That’s because I don’t believe any string of words can describe the way this class has changed my outlook about learning or life.

They say that you change after you go to college- that not only applies to getting away from family (what most people apply the “change” to- a sense of independence), but also to the aspect of the knowledge you learn throughout your college years. As a society we seem to underrate the importance of a good education- which sadly, is a terrible thing.  With an education not only can you gain a “good” career, but you can change your outlook on life. That’s why so many colleges stress to students to become well rounded. An education allows students to be able to face the world around them and gain the knowledge they need in order to achieve the impossible. And yes, an education does not just mean high school/college or is just applied to “books”.  Sometimes that knowledge is called wisdom and it is something that we can pass along to each other.  I have learned that lesson in this class.

This has been the one class in which I feel truly comfortable, felt as if I “knew” my classmates, and learned from them.

So thank you Ms. Basford, you are the unconventional teacher in which we were blessed to have guide us through our journey in speech class. I hope you find the happiness you dream of finding outside the classroom- you deserve every bit of it!



June 10, 2011 at 9:05 am 1 comment

Creating Art

I did my demonstration speech on linoleum block printing. I liked the demonstration speeches the best by far- everyone was able to show something that they knew how to do well or something that interested them.  Through these speeches I believe we were able to learn more about our classmates.  I was a little flustered during my speech. I seem to find something wrong after every speech I give, but my classmates are so supportive. Everyone’s speeches are always so wonderful- maybe I’m trying too hard to feel as if I’m not messing up too badly. No matter, the support we all receive  is what makes this class so special. We are about to give our last speech and it may be the hardest speech we have yet to give. I wish everyone good luck! Your classmates will be rooting for you!



June 1, 2011 at 9:25 am 4 comments

It’s Over and Gone with the Wind….

My informative speech was a disaster and after listening to everyone else speak I knew it was going to be an even larger  failure than what I had  imagined. I couldn’t top any of those speeches.

Everyone’s speeches were amazing and possessed a part of them! (To their reason for the speech or just their personality that shined through in the details). I think that thought alone may have made me  a little nervous.

Talking about Gone With the Wind  was my first idea for a speech but it wasn’t what I had planned to give my speech on. I had planned on a speech about a band. I had imagined the entire speech, planned the visual aid… but the day I started on this my computer had crashed and it was my computer that had all my info and tools I needed to make that speech.

So I had my first idea, my ‘backup’ speech, and that was what I had ‘presented’ to Ms. Basford.

And you know the rest…

Maybe my speech was a failure because I felt like I could have done better, but I can’t worry about that. It’s over and now I can only hope my next idea for a speech won’t be ruined (fingers crossed).


May 8, 2011 at 8:55 am 2 comments

My Personal Freedom

“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.”

I have this passion for words… for writing and reading them. It is hard to explain- you just read something unbelievably amazing and it wows you. It opens up your mind and it really changes you. It makes time stop- your world slows to a halt for a brief moment. That’s why I love words (even though from time to time I tend to forget this).

When we were told to read something that ‘fit’ us, I thought about my writing, but put the idea aside. I thought about it wondering if it was a good or just terrible idea. I decided the day before to read my poetry. Maybe if I didn’t tell my audience until the end that it was mine I could ‘endure the reading’ and not worry about eyes staring at me.

I was nervous… and it was more than a normal kind of nervous. I was afraid of rejection. Writing is freedom for me, those were my words, and they are personal. I was scared of looking into the crowd and seeing their reaction. I was afraid of the thoughts from my classmates that I might not be ‘normal’- because the truth be told my writing doesn’t have happy endings. Maybe because the writers who have moved me influence my work and for the most part their writing is not about rainbows and sunshine. I’m influenced by what music I listen to and I also have this thought that unhappy endings have a shock value that just sticks with you longer than a ‘fairytale’ ending (I’m talking about ‘Disney- like’ endings). No matter, I get this rejection most of the time- these looks that read ‘sub-human’ when I share any of my writing and I was shaking inside. After my first poem, everyone knew it was my writing because I was asked that question, and I answered it honestly.

At the end of my second poem I looked up, realized people were listening, and I wasn’t getting odd looks from classmates. I realized that my classmates were open-minded and cared about what I had written… what I had read. I was relieved. I thank them so much for being so unprejudiced. It meant the world to me and it will make my future speeches easier knowing I’m not being criticized so harshly.

So all I can say is thank you.


April 19, 2011 at 12:29 pm 2 comments

The Key to Public Speaking?

I wish I had a key that held all the answers to  a good public speech and beyond that door somewhere I’d find a clue that would tell me how to banish all my fears about speaking in front of a crowd.

Whenever I get in front of a room of people ready to give a speech I start to feel my heart beat a little faster, I get ‘stage fright’ from all those eyes starring at me, I usually end up talking too fast, and in the back of my mind I’m so afraid my speech won’t be good enough- I’ll mess up… have everyone think I’m an idiot. These are the thoughts and feelings that usually run through my mind before and during a speech I have to present.

Speaking is a scary experience to me and (as I’ve learned) for others too.  I’ve also realized that people take different steps to make it seem a little less scary.

So I’ve been thinking lately that maybe if I treat my speech like my writing; focus  more on my topic, less on me actually giving the speech in front of my fellow classmates, I won’t get so nervous.

See I love writing. Somewhere along the line I’ve fallen in love with words, their beauty when you place them just right, the emotion and connection they can hold.

My goal of writing is to move people and make them really think. I want at least one person to feel as if my writing has changed them and if I can apply that to my speech maybe I’ve found the golden key; speeches as less about the presenter and more about the audience.

So when I am standing in front of the room ready to give my own speech I’ll think about more about my message, less about stage fright, and speaking might seem a little less frightening to me.

(A quote I found and really liked) “It’s not how strongly you feel about your topic, it’s how strongly they feel about your topic after you speak.”


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