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Reading is Not Speaking

For our last speech of the quarter we had to do our persuasive speeches. These speeches were probably the most controversial topics. I don’t think I will ever forget Clinton’s speech about why dogs are better than cats. It was probably the funniest persuasive speech I have ever heard. We heard everything from safe sex to drunk driving speeches. Persuasive speeches are speeches that seem to get the most attention. It is showing the speaker’s view on a subject. Skylar and I gave our speech on how the post-secondary enrollment option works and why it is a good thing to look into for your kids or friends.

I think most of all this speech taught me how one word could grab the attention of the entire audience and make everyone pay attention. When someone walks up to the podium and just says sex, it catches the attention of everyone in the room. This showed me that to be a good public speaker you need to have a catchy introduction to attract everyone’s attention.



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Informative Speech

I really enjoyed listening to other people’s informative speeches. I really enjoyed listening to Mark explain about what Buckeye Ranch was and how it works. I also enjoyed Clinton’s speech about how being tired can affect our everyday lives. It was very entertaining. My informative speech did not turn out very good. Even after I had practiced it constantly and had it memorized. It seemed like as soon as I started to speak my mind just went blank and I completely forgot what I was going to say. I know in my last post I talked about how I had learned that people do not recognize the little mistakes that you think you are making. Because they probably do the same thing and you do not recognize it either. Candee was willing to give me tips and tell me what to do for my next speech. She told me to make better notes. That I shouldnt read my speech but that I should have little notes jotted down so that I could look down at them when need be. Overall I think the informative speeches were very well written and very informative.


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Reading My First Speech

For my first speech of the class I read the book “Take Me To The Zoo” by Dr. Seuss. When I first stood in front of the class I was very nervous about speaking in front of my fellow classmates. When I first started to give my speech I felt as though my voice was crackling and felt like my hands was shaking constantly. As I got farther into the reading I felt to be calming down. I thought that I was speaking very clear with good volume. I believed my posture was good and that I was doing everything I needed to.

After getting my grade and reading some of the feedback forms I realized what I did wrong in my speech. But I did not see any negative feedback about the things I thought I was doing wrong. I thought they were going to talk about my voice crackling, hands shaking, and voice squeaking. It showed me what Candee was telling us since day one and that was that everyone is nervous when they go up to speak and that things you are worried your classmates are going to notice your nervousness and judge you. But after reading the comments written on my paper I realized that my classmates were listening to  what I was saying instead of how I was saying it which came as a huge relief.


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